I’m Brian Trammell, network measurement geek.


Here you’ll find the QoF flow meter, a fork of YAF. QoF is focused on passive TCP performance measurement; you can read the manpage for the 0.9.0 release here, or download the release here.

You’ll also three independent implementations of the IPFIX flow export protocol:

  • python-ipfix which bridges IPFIX Data Records to Python dicts and tuples, and is intended for rapid prototyping of new IPFIX applications.
  • ripfix which provides a similar interface for Ruby, and is dreadfully slow.
  • libfc which provides a template-transcoding interface between IPFIX Data Records and C data structures in C++ (i.e., like libfixbuf); there’s also a placement-based interface (written by @sten69). The focus here is on performance. Don’t ask me where the name came from.

All three of these are essentially the first real project I did in each respective language, which may explain why they don’t read especially idiomatically.